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Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 

Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard 

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Enhance your server network security with the Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Standard License for 16 cores.

It uses a new HP Proliant server configuration for next-generation network solutions. This server uses various single-base license programs that cover 16 cores for effective operations. The Windows Server 2019 standard 16-core license gives users access to other license configurations on their first purchase-licensed server.

This license follows a processor-based license model working as a unit, cutting down the cost of maintenance.


The Windows Server 2019 standard 16-core license provides a continuous quality experience across various cloud environments. It's compatible with different networking devices. It covers a remote desktop service running on a client-access service program in its configuration. This allows access to programs on their physical desktop computers. This license allows its users to access all servers, providing configurations for up to two operating systems. It incorporates Hyper-V container configurations in its settings, providing more secure channels for transferring data securely within organizations.

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